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About Me

"There is no greater form of wealth than your peace of mind."
          - Ralph Smart

My work background is retail therapy, I enjoyed interacting with new people but always felt as if something was missing.

From a young age I've always wanted to help people and when the opportunity presented itself I trained for a number of years before qualifying as a Level 5 Degree Humanistic Counsellor, FdSc.

In October 2020 I received my accreditation from the BACP which means I have met their higher standards of competency and ethics. It is hard work to achieve this status so I am incredibly proud to be awarded it.


I have been working with clients since 2016 which has given me a high level of experience working with a variety of presenting issues, such as mental health difficulties; suicidal thoughts; self-harm; self-confidence issues and much more.


I work with clients aged 12 years and above so feel free to contact me to see how I may be able to help.

The best thing about what I do is that it doesn't feel like a job, it feels natural and something I'm meant to do.

I love meeting new people and hearing about their story, it is a truly rewarding 'job.'

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