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COVID-19 Update

As you may already know, the decision to lockdown the country has been made, a little sooner than I expected but nevertheless we knew it was coming at some point.

I am still here for support and effective immediately we have no choice but to switch to either telephone or video sessions. I am happy to take your preference on which one you do, telephone is slightly more impersonal as no non-verbal therapy will be present, whereas video sessions are more similar to face to face, if you choose to do video chat then please make sure you have what’s app installed. Let me know your preference as I will need to put it in my diary so I know what is required.

It is vital that sessions are done in private, with no other household members present in the room with you. A good suggestion is sitting in your/your parents car (providing you can still get WiFi signal) as that will ensure you are not heard by others.

Stay home as much as possible and keep safe. Let’s hope it is only for the 3 weeks.

Kind regards

Jade Hens Counselling


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