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Monday 29th April- A little help from a client..!

This weeks quote or thought comes from something a client quoted many months ago, I had never heard it before but it really stuck with me..

My thoughts:

I don’t know how I’ve never heard this before, the whole concept of it is simply amazing. I’ve been seeing clients for many years now and the amount of times I hear people comparing themselves to others, it’s just detrimental to their own happiness. I can admit, it is very easy to compare lives nowadays, especially with social media being as influential as it is. It’s important to note that people will only post what they want others to see.. Yes their lives may look incredible but you don’t know how they’re feeling in real life- things aren’t always what they seem.

Focus on what you have in life and if you want to change something then go for it! If you’re struggling a bit then counselling can help you find your answers


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