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My style of Counselling

I'm often asked how I work and what is it I do. Clients who have had previous experience of counselling can often have a good idea but as there's so many different models and theories of Counselling no two counsellors will work the same.

I am trained in the Humanistic models of Person-Centred, Gestalt and Existential however I tend to work more Person-Centred with elements of Gestalt and existential, I use the therapeutic relationship to build awareness and gain further understandings for client's to explore their life. Each model or theory will have a different focus (for example: humanistic counsellors work within the present moment whereas a psychodynamic counsellor may work predominantly in the past), I believe that the past has an influence on present day behaviours so instead of focusing on the past I compare it to how it affects the client in the present moment. I also believe if you are aware of something then change can happen.

Of course every person is unique and individual so I have a flexible approach to how I work, today's blog has been quite general but I will tailor the way I work to the client's individual needs.


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